Operating And Cleaning Instructions

The CRICKETT Rifle is chambered for .22 caliber short, long or long riile cartridges. It is a single shot bolt action rifle.

Before attempting to operate, disassemble or clean your rifle, read the following instructions.

Removing the Bolt - Lift the bolt handle up and pull to the rear. This will open the action. Pull the trigger to the rear and at the same time slide the bolt to the rear, removing it from the receiver.

Replacing the Bolt - Place the bolt into the receiver, at the same time pulling the trigger. The bolt should be moved all the way forward and the handle rotated down to lock.

Warning: Before the rifle is fired the barrel should be examined to be sure it is clean, does not have heavy oil, grease or any other obstruction. Only point the rifle where you intend to shoot.

Loading the Rifle - Open the action and load a cartridge into the chamber. Be sure to use only .22 caliber rimfire cartridges. Do not attempt to load any other type of cartridge into this rifle. It may result in personal injury or damage to the rifle. After placing the cartridge in the chamber, close the bolt handle to lock it

Cocking the Rifle • Making sure the muzzle is pointed in a safe direction, grasp the cocking piece, at the rear of the bolt, with the thumb and forefinger and pull to the rear until it stops. The rifle is now ready to be fired. The action will not open when the rifle is cocked.

Warning: Do not carry or transport the rifle when it is cocked. Only cock the rifle when you are ready to fire. See below for uncocking instructions.

Uncocking the Rifle - Making sure the rifle is pointed in a safe direction, grasp the cocking piece with your thumb and forefinger and pull to the rear. At the same time, with your other hand, slowly pull the trigger. While holding the cocking piece and pulling the trigger, allow the cocking piece to slowly move forward until it stops.

Firing and Ejecting the Cartridge - After the rifle is loaded and cocked make Bure the rifle is pointed where you want to shoot. The trigger then may be squeezed to fire the rifle. Tb eject the cartridge case, lift the bolt handle and pull to the rear.

Unloading the Rifle • Make sure the cocking piece is fully to the forward position. Then lift the bolt handle and pull it to the rear. Remove the cartridge from the chamber.

Sight Adjustment - The sights are adjusted at the factory but, some re-adjustment may be necessary for some individuals.

Windage - Loosen the rear sight windage »crew. This will allow the aperture to be moved to the right or left. Moving the aperture to the right moves the point of bullet impact to the right and moving it to the left moves the point of bullet impact to the left. The sight slide has graduated marks. After the adjustment is made, tighten the screw.

Elevation - Loosen the elevation screw to move the rear sight slide. Raising the slide raises the point of impact and lowering it drops the point of bullet impact on the target. Tighten the screw after the adjustment is made.

Cleaning and Care of the Rifle - First remove the bolt. Clean the bore by running a .22 caliber cloth patch through the barrel. This should be done from the breech to the muzzle to prevent residue from falling into the action. Run a lightly-oiled patch through the bore in the same direction. If necessary, use a wire brush with a powder solvent. To clean the action the stock should be removed by unscrewing the takedown screw. Wash the action with a petroleum solvent, then clean and lightly re-oil. Handling the rifle leaves prints of moisture that can cause rusting of the metal parts. Tb prevent this, the metal should be cleaned and wiped with a lightly oiled cloth. Quick changes of temperature may cause moisture condensation which requires special care to prevent interior metal parts from rusting.

Maintenance - The rifle should be returned to the factory for any necessary replacement of worn or damaged parts.

Storing the Rifle - Before storing the rifle be sure it is uncocked and unloaded. Store the rifle and the ammunition separately.

Important - This rifle has been manufactured to exacting specifications by Keystone Sporting Arms, Inc. It is not recommended and Keystone Sporting Arms, Inc. does not assume the responsibility for any alteration, modification or replacement of worn or damaged parts, not of our manufacture, to the rifle if it is not made by our personnel.

Sight Picture

What you should see when target shooting:

Peep Sight Telescope Sight

Aperture Sight Alignment

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