Chapter Care And Cleaning

Cleaning Equipment: The normal cleaning devices for the Kimber Model 82 Government are: cleaning rod, bristle bore brush (brass preferred), and a slotted tip or jag with cleaning patches of the correct size. Either commercial or government issued small arms powder solvents and lubricating oil may be used.

Cleaning Procedure: Remove bolt from receiver (See Disassembly Instructions). Check to see that bore and chamber are clear. Place bristle bore brush on cleaning rod and put solvent on brush. Clean bore from receiver end running brush through bore several tines. Replenish solvent as necessary. Make certain that the chamber as well as bore are thoroughly clean. Run a dry patch through the bore. It must be brighl with no trace of grease, lead, or any foreign material If necessary, re-rin bore with bristle bore brush and solvent until clean. When bore is clean, run a patch through bore with a light coat of lubricating oil.

Using a clean patch, saturate with solvent and wipe down all metal surfaces of the rifle. (Do not put solvent or lubricating oil on stock). If this does not clean rifle adequately, put solvent on bore brush and clean area still dirty. After rifle is clean, wipe with dry patch and inspect for cleanliness. When all metal parts are clean, wipe surfaces with patch lightly saturated with lubricating oil. A drop of oil should be placed on the cocking stud (S-409) area of the bolt and allowed to flow into the bolt to lubricate the firing pin spring. Note: It is not recommended that lubricating oil be put on the trigger sear engagement notch. This area should be thoroughly cleaned but kept dry of lubricants.

Caution: A common error is the excessive use of lubricating oils. Never apply excessive quantities of lubricants.

Periodic Maintenance: Normal usage of the Government Model and routine cleaning as indicated herein will keep this rifle in top condition. However, exposure to water (particularly salt spray), dust, sand, high humidity, or other adverse conditions require more frequent cleaning and maintenance to insure reliable functioning of your rifle.

Note: If rifle is to be stored for long periods of time, clean as indicated but do not use the normal lubricating oil. P-9 preservative oil should be used on all metal parts before storage. Do not put any kind of lubricating oil on the stock. Firearms should be stored unloaded, with tension off the firing pin spring. Tension on firing pin spring can be released by pulling trigger as bolt is closed. Caution: The Kimber Model 82 Government rifle is not designed to be dry fired!

7.4 warning: never fire any firearm with excessive oil. grease, or any other object in the bore. this will cause damage to the rifle in the worst case and a loss of accuracy in the best case. never put lubricants of any type on ammunition as this can cause deterioration of both propellant and priming compound. lubrication of ammunition can cause misfires. hangfires, and even worse. a situation where a bullet may be lodged in the barrel. when a subsequent round is fired, extreme damage to the bore will result and will normally require replacement of the barrel. use lubricants wisely.


k— A-3023


S 404

A 401


S 404

A 401

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