Chapter Trigger Assembly Adjustment

4.1 CAUTION: The Kimber Model 82 Government incorporates a fully adjustable trigger which allows adjustment of the weight of trigger pull, the amount of overtravel and depth of sear engagement.

We recommend that this entire set of instructions be read carefully prior to making any trigger adjustments so that the relationship between all of the components within the trigger aseembly is fully understood. This is important because it is possible to make incorrect adjustments of the sear engagement which will create an unsafe situation and could cause accidental discharge. We recommend that adjustments of the sear engagement screw be' made only by an experienced gunsmith or armorer. Prior to adjusting the trigger, the barreled action must be removed from the stock as described in Chapter 2.

The first step in adjusting the trigger involves the overtravel. The overtravel adjustment determines the amount of travel of the trigger after the sear has fallen allowing the gun to fire. The overtravel is preset at the factory and SHOULD NOT require further adjustment. If further adjustment is needed, the adjustment screw is located on the front of the trigger housing. It is the screw closest to the barrel. (See figure 10)

Prior to turning the adjustment screw, there are two locking set screws (one on either side of the trigger assembly) which must be loosened, allowing the adjustment screw to turn freely. When adjusting the overtravel, first close the bolt and pull the trigger. With the gun in the fired position, observe the trigger and sear through the inspection hole located in the side of the trigger housing. While pulling on the trigger in the fired position, observe the gap between the trigger and sear: this gap determines the overtravel of the trigger. If it appears excessive, simply continue observing the gap while pulling the trigger and turning the adjustment screw clockwise until the desired gap is obtained. To test the feel of the overtravel, simply pull the trigger then release and pull again while in the fired position. The amount of trigger travel that you feel is the amount of overtravel.

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