Or in a safe direction

Move safety to safe position (to the rear) and open bolt by lifting bolt handle and pulling to the rear.

Place a .22 Long Rifle cartridge on the loading platform (A-318) (See Figure 9) and close bolt. The rifle is now ready to fire. DO NOT rotate safety forward until engaging your target.

Long Rifle Silencer

Fifing: Be sure rifle is pointed down-range and safety is in "on" position (to the rear). Pull the bolt to the rear with your finger off the trigger. Place a cartridge on the loading platform and push the bolt forward smoothly and close. When ready to engage target, rotate safety to the forward position and squeeze trigger.

Unloading: To unload rifle, make sure rifle is pointed down-range or in a safe direction. Rotate safety to safe position (to rear) and open bolt and pull to rear Cartridge will be pulled from chamber and ejected. Do not remove cartridges from rifle's chamber manually (See Chapter 5).

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