Instructions for Factory Service

Return firearms to Kimber Mfg. Inc. for factory service only upon authorization by Kimber customer service personnel. A return authorization number will be assigned to every authorized firearm return.

Please package your firearm carefully. Ship firearm in original shipping container with proper cushioning material to prevent movement of gun or parts and package. Gun cases are especially recommended for return shipping. Clearly mark forwarding and return address on the outside of the package as well as on attached letter.

Securely attached complete letter to outside of each package returned to the factory. Include also inside the package a copy of the same letter. The contents of the letter must include: your name, complete mailing address, your telephone number, serial number of firearm and a complete description of the problem.

Please do not return gun accessories such as sling straps, quick release swivels, telescopes, mounts or any other special equipment to the factory with the gun shipment. Identify complete condition of firearm and contents - any parts missing or damaged

To avoid delays please do not include part orders with repair instructions.

Unless otherwise specified return shipments will be made by UPS. Kimber gun parts are not interchangeable with those of any other make. For this reason Kimber cannot service any gun not of its manufacture.

Before packaging guns for return to removed.

Please send repairs directly to:

the factory, all ammunition must be

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