Assembly Of Rifle

Replacement of Bolt: Pull trigger (A-215GA) and slide bolt into receiver (A100/600ยป closing bolt completely, and lower bolt handle (S-412). Note: Bolt can only be placed in receiver in cocked position (See Figure 3).

Replacement of Hand Stop Assembly: Slide Hand Stop onto Hand Stop Rail (A-5004) and rotate knurled knob clockwise to tighten Hand stop (A-513).

Replacement of Sling Swivel: Press button on bottom of Hand Stop Assembly (A-513) releasing pressure on de:ent balls and push swivel into recess on hand stop.

Replacement of Front Sight: SI de front sight (A-5003) onto front sight base (A-4075) and tighten with furnished Hex head key. Screw head should be on left side of rifle.

Replacement of Rear Sight: SI de Rear sight (A-5016) onto dovetails cut in receiver (A-100/600) and tighten hand nuts on the left side of sight.

Replacement of Butt Plate Spacers: Loosen two screws (A-519) in rubber but: plate (A-511) and insert spacers as required to obtain length of pull and retighten screws.

Replacement of Stock: Replace receiver and barrel assembly (A-100/600) into stock (A-5?fi) and replace front take-down screw (A-800) into receiver. NOTE: front take-down screw is recessed under handstop rail (A-5004). Replace rear take-down screw (A-801) and tighten both take-down screws evenly.

NOTE: See Figures 3, 4. 5. 6. 7. 8 and reverse procedures for assembly.

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