Safety Function

caution: THE SAFETY SHOULD BE CHECKED FOR FUNCTION AFTER ANY ADJUSTMENT TO THE TRIGGER AND SEAR ENGAGEMENT. To check the safety cock the rifle and function the safety disc off and on several times; it should feel positive as it clicks off and on. Also while the rifle is cocked and the safety is on. pull the trigger; there should be absolutely no travel to the trigger. If there is travel to the trigger the safety adjustment screw must be turned clockwise to eliminate all movement.

This is accomplished by loosening the single set screw located on the right side of the safety shaft. Adjust the screw to eliminate any trigger travel and test as described above. Also, if the disc function as described above was not positive, it may mean that the adjustment screw needs to be loosened but not so much that it will result in play in the trigger when pulled while the safety is engaged.

After the adjustment is performed tighten the set screw to ensure the adjustment screw does not move, preventing a potentially unsafe situation.

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