Data And Specifications

4. Weight: Empty-48 oz. Loaded-53 oz.

5. Trigger Reach: 3 1/8" - adjustable for over travel.

6. Barrel Length: 6 1/2" standard (other barrel lengths available as options).

9. Sights: Front—fixed, ramped blade; Rear-fully adjustable for elevation and windage.

10. Magazine Capacity: 7 rounds.

11. Accessories/Options:

Multi-Caliber Conversion Units in calibers .45 ACP, 9mm Winchester Magnum, 38 Super ACP, 30 Mauser, 357 Magnum & others. -Presentation models with select serial numbers, from 001 to 100, special finishes, in custom-fitted display cases, etc., available on special order. Special order/option price sheet available from your dealer or from L.A.R. on request.

Safety Instructions S. Features

While it may be a cliché, it is nevertheless absolutely true about firearms: It IS better to be SAFE than sorry. Therefore, even if you are an experienced and safe shooter, PLEASE READ THIS INSTRUCTION MANUAL CAREFULLY AND FOLLOW THE PROCEDURES COMPLETELY. This will help maintain your safety as well as the safety of others.


The Grizzly Win Mag™, or any pistol, may discharge accidently if ii is dropped or receives a blow, regardless of any of the various safety features built into the pistol or of the position of the hammer at the time. Therefore, DO NOT PUT A ROUND OF AMMUNITION IN THE CHAMBER UNTIL OR UNLESS YOU HAVE THE PISTOL IN YOUR HAND AND ARE PREPARED TO FIRE THE PISTOL Empty the pistol of any live rounds in the chamber or magazine immediately after shooting. 13

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