The L.A.R. Manufacturing, Inc. Grizzly Win Mag™ Pistol is prepared to fire by inserting a loaded magazine into the pistol, pulling the slide back to cock the hammer, and releasing the slide to move forward and feed a round from the magazine into the chamber. This final forward slide movement locks the barrel and the slide together and deactivates the disconnector. When the pistol stock is grasped, the grip safety is depressed so that the trigger can now be squeezed. By squeezing the trigger, the sear is disengaged from the hammer which pivots forward under the force of the mainspring to strike the firing pin. The firing pin is driven forward with sufficient force to strike and ignite the primer in the base of the cartridge, and it in turn ignites the main powder charge, which, in burning, rapidly produces extremely high gas pressure to drive the bullet down the barrel. Rifling grooves in the barrel give a stabilizing spin to the projectile so that it travels more accurately.

The pressure of the gas on the slide breech face pushes the slide and barrel rearward. However, the slide unlocks from the barrel only after the gas pressure is reduced to a safe level. This slide movement depresses the disconnector, carries the spent cartridge back on the extractor until the base of the cartridge is struck by the ejector propelling it out through the ejection port. This slide movement continues under momentum to fully cock the hammer. If a round remains in the magazine, the slide moves forward to again feed and lock the next round in the chamber. To fire the next round, the trigger must be released and squeezed again. If the last round has been fired, the magazine follower will activate the slide stop to hold the slide back. This basic process is the same for any caliber of ammunition fired in the Grizzly Win Mag™.

Loading The Magazine:


2. Use only ammunition recommended (see page 1) for your pistol and the caliber that corresponds with the magazine you are loading.

3. With the open end up, hold the magazine in one hand as illustrated below. Place a round on the magazine follower with the base just forward of the magazine's retaining lips. Press the round down and back until the base of the round touches the rear flat edge of the magazine. Place the next round on top of the previous round and press down and back. Repeat this process until the magazine is fully loaded.

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