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Your GWM Pistol left our factory after being carefully tested, inspected and packaged. Since L.A.R. Manufacturing, Inc. cannot control nor be responsible for product handling after it leaves the factory, you should carefully inspect the pistol at the time of purchase to make sure it is undamaged AND unloaded. Your dealer can help you with this inspection.

DISCLAIMER OF LIABILITY: L.A.R. Manufacturing, Inc. is not responsible for death, injury or property damage which may result from either accidental or intentional use of this firearm, whether used for purposes or given treatment for which the pistol was designed or not.

L.A.R. Manufacturing, Inc. does not recognize nor honor claims involving any use or functioning of the GWM Pistol, other than as given in the Warranty Statement found elsewhere in this manual, including careless or improper handling, neglect or corrosion,' the use of wrong caliber ammunition (ammunition other than original, high quality, commercially manufactured, and of those calibers for which the pistol has been specifically manufactured and fitted), unauthorized use of replacement parts or unauthorized adjustments and/or modifications. No claims for any reason will be honored by L.A.R. Manufacturing, Inc. when made by the second or any subsequent owner of the pistol.

NOTE: This instruction manual should remain with the pistol whenever the firearm ownership changes.

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