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For many years the 1911 has been the accepted standard in personal protection and hand gun shooting. But, for the serious handgunner, the caliber limitation has been one significant drawback.

Now L.A.R. Manufacturing, Inc. offers the marriage of the very latest patented technology . with the tried and trusted design of the 1911 - so much so that anyone familiar with the 1911 -type .45 automatic pistol will immediately recognize the heritage of the 1911 found in the design, style, simplicity and dependability of the Grizzly Win Mag™ , PLUS superior craftsmanship in manufacturing and the two most exciting improvements imaginable: 1) The increased caliber capability, (.45 Magnum), and 2) the Multi-Caliber capacity. We sincerely believe it to be the best of both worlds.

Notable features of the GWM include:

1. Browning-type short-recoil, locked breech.

2. Combat-type speed loading beveled magazine well.

3. Combat-type, flat, checkered, rubber mainspring housing.

4. Lowered and back-chamfered ejection port.

5. Checkered rubber, non-slip, combat-type grips.

6. Polished feed ramp and precisely fitted and polished/throated barrel chamber mouth for flawless feeding.

7. Slide automatically stays open after the last shot.

8. Precisely fitted Gl-type solid barrel bushing, with precision match grade fit of barrel to bushing to slide.

9. Three safeties: Grip depressor safety; manual thumb safety; and slide-out-of-battery disconnect safety.

10. Factory loaded ammunition is immediately available from standard commercial sources.

ADDITIONALLY, the following describes significant improvements over previous technology:

1. Smaller firing pin, more in accord with current practices for high-pressure cartridges.

2. Very precise fit of firing pin and firing pin hole provides more solid breeching and gas containment.

3. Precisely positioned firing pin location so that, when assembled, the pin strikes as close to the center most position of the primer, increasing inherant accuracy and reliability.

4. Improved minimum tolerance/maximum lock breeching. The GWM barrel and slide tolerances are such that the most secure breeching, which allows complete functioning of the firearm, is achieved. This increases shooter safety and reduces battering and peening from poorly fitted components.

5. Increased slide mass to mitigate recoil velocity. This also increases shooter safety, since the walls of the slide contain more material, making that component stronger.

6. The use of the very best S.A.E. alloys, chosen specifically for each individual application.

7. Product and Process Certifications from mill, forgehouse, vendors and heat treater provide exact element content, method and result of stress-relieving, annealing, hardening and tempering of materials.

8. In-house Rockwell Hardness testing.

9. Mil-Q-9858A Inspection procedures, personnel and equipment.

10. All guns, conversion units and components are fully live-fire proof, function and accuracy tested and inspected at the factory.

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