Disassembly of the Bolt for Cleaning and Inspection

Lee Enfield Disassembly Bolt

The bolt head can be unscrewed from the bolt body. This facilitates cleaning and inspection. The removal of the firing pin can be difficult. However, with the proper tool, it is a simple procedure for the person with some mechanical dexterity. With the bolt head removed, look at the front of the bolt and you wil see the two notches on both sides of the firing pin shoulder.

Insert the t-shaped tool into the notches and turn the cocking piece until the lower two notches are reached. The firing pin spring should be virtually decompressed. Remove the firing pin locking screw found in the rear of the cocking piece. Now we may finish removing the firing pin with the special tool. Unscrewing the firing pin with a makeshift rig may cause damage and should be left to a qualified gunsmith.

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