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1. Federally licensed dealer may ship handguns through the US Mail. The Post Office confiscates handguns mailed by private individuals.

2. Under Federal law, you may return rifles and shotguns to the manufacturer for service by U.S. Mail, or other firearms via common carriers. State and local gun laws very greatly. Consult your local prosecuting attorney about any laws in your area that may restrict shipping or receiving firearms. Considering these facts, we strongly recommend that you send guns to our distributor for repair through a Federally licensed dealer.

3. Ship all guns prepaid. WE DO NOT ACCEPT COLLECT SHIPMENTS.

4. The address for guns returned for repair is:

Walker Arms Company 499 Dallas Road #820 Selma, Al. 36701

Tel: 334-872-6231

Ahlman's 9525 W. 230th Street Morristown, Mn. 55052

Tel: 507-685-4243 or 4244

Bolsa Gunsmithing 7404 Bolsa Avenue Westminster, Ca. 92683

Tel: 714-894-9100

Reynerson's 10044 Hooper Rd. Baton Rouge, LA 70818

Tel - 225-261-4860

5. With your gun, enclose a letter stating the serial number, caliber, and barrel length of the gun, and what work is needed or what problem you experienced with it. Be specific, do not merely say "defective" or "repair as needed." Also, enclose copies of any previous letters dealing with the repairs. There will be a minimum labor charge for repair work, not covered by warranty.

6. YOUR GUN MUST BE SHIPPED UNLOADED. Before shipping, double-check the chamber to be sure. LLAMA HANDGUNS DISTRIBUTOR is required by law to notify Federal authorities if guns are sent to us loaded.

7. When shipping guns to us, do not include custom grips or stocks, belts, slings, holsters, telescopic sights, or other accessories.

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