Sight Adjustment Lyman Muzzleloaders

Lyman's Great Plains and Trade Rifles are shipped with two types of rear sights. The shooter can choose the style preferred and save the other as a spare.

Front Sight-The sights on these rifles are a combination of traditional appearance and sighting principles proved in more modern times. The front sight is a strong, one-piece, square blade design finished overall in a dark blue/black.

This dark, thick blade permits close holding and fast sight alignment. Blades which are polished brass or silver cause the shooter to "shoot away from the light" due to glare on the blade.

The front sight may be left "as is" or reduced in height, by filing, to raise the point of impact.

Use a cold blue solution to re-blacken the sight after filing. Adjustable Rear Sight-This traditional buckhorn rear sight allows minor elevation adjustments without filing. Turn the screw clockwise to lower the point of impact; counterclockwise to raise the point of impact. Windage adjustments are made by carefully "drifting" the entire rear sight left or right. Remember: move the rear sight in the direction you wish the ball to go. The best way to "set up" this sight for both hunting and recreational shooting is as follows:

1.Turn the elevation screw clockwise until the elevation arm bottoms in the full "down" position.

2. Load rifle with your hunting charge and sight in at desired hunting range perhaps 100 yards. File down front sight until the rifle shoots to exact point of aim.

3. Since recreational shooting usually involves circular bullseye targets, the rifle can usually be brought into the "ten ring" by using a six o'clock hold and raising the elevator arm slightly.

The front and rear sight combine to produce the very efficient "Patridge" sighting configuration which is perfect for most hunting and target shooting.

Finished Sight

Primitive Rear Sight-This is a traditional one piece, fixed sight which allows final shape and elevation adjustments to be filed into it by the shooter. Windage adjustments are made by tapping the rear sight to the left or right as you wish the bullet's impact to shift.

First, determine what charges work best with ball and conical projectiles. Once you have settled on the bullet and charge level, the filing can begin. You may find the unaltered rear sight is just fine. However, you may discover that you are shooting high-even with the front sight blade buried in the rear sight notch. If that is the case, then here's what you do:

1. File the top of the sight flat until you reach the correct elevation for your selected load. The correct procedure is to file a bit then shoot; file-shoot and so forth until the rifle shoots to the desired point of impact.

2. With the sights set correctly, now is the time to deepen or widen the rear sight notch if you wish. Use a cold blue solution to re-blacken the sight.

The result is a traditional rear sight which utilizes the very practical and efficient "Patridge" configuration-excellent for hunting or target work.


The sights are non-adjustable and the front blade must be filed to adjust the elevation. Windage adjustments may be made by "drifting" the rear sight in the direction you wish to move bullet impact.

The rear sight notch width and front blade width are designed to provide a very fine target sight picture. You may widen the rear notch with a jeweler's file if you wish. Use a cold blue solution to re-blacken the sights after filing to eliminate glare.


Front Sight-A special new configuration of Lyman #37 hunting front sight designed to fit the dovetail of Lyman Black Powder Rifles. This sight is equipped with a 3/32" white bead for fast shooting.

Rear Sight-A special new configuration of Lyman # 16 Folding Leaf Sight designed to fit the dovetail of Lyman Black Powder Rifles. This open rear sight is equipped with an adjustable elevation blade which is held firmly in place by two lock screws.

In order to change the point of impact, loosen the two lock screws holding the rear sight elevation blade. Raising the elevation blade will raise the point of impact. Lowering the elevation blade will lower the point of impact. Tighten the lock screw when the elevation blade is in the desired location. In order to make windage adjustments, the entire rear sight can be carefully "drifted" to the right or left. Use a punch made from a soft material such as brass, and strike the base of the sight only. Never strike the folding leaf. Remember: Windage adjustments are made by moving the sight in the direction you wish the ball to go.

The Deerstalker is drilled and tapped for use with Lyman's 57 SML receiver sight which is described under Black Powder Sight Options. In adjusting any type of iron sight, the following principles hold true:

1. Adjust the rear sight in the direction you wish to move the bullet's impact.

2. Adjust the front sight exactly opposite the direction you wish the bullet's impact to shift.


How Adjust The Front Site M240b

Lyman has been making quality gunsights for shooters for more than 100 years. To meet the needs of today's black powder enthusiast, Lyman offers a number of alternative sight packages which can improve accuracy for the serious target shooter or hunter.

TARGET SIGHTS Lyman #57 SML Receiver Sights This popular target sight has 1/4 minute micrometer click adjustments for elevation and windage, a quick-release slide and comes with both hunting and target style apertures. The 57 fits the Lyman Trade Rifle, Lyman Deerstalker and most other imported Hawken replicas. Note: Minor drilling and tapping required depending on manufacturer. 57 SMLs made prior to 1989 will not fit T/C Hawkens made after 1988. 57 GPR

The 57 GPR fits Great Plains Rifles and Great Plains Hunter Rifles. The 57 GPR has the same specifications as the 57 SML described above, however, is equipped with an adapter base that fits the tang angle of Great Plains rifles. Lyman 17 A Front Sight

Teamed with a Lyman #57 Receiver Sight, this target front sight will provide precise accuracy on the range.

Designed for use with dovetail slot mounting, the sight is supplied with seven interchangeable inserts that are locked into place with a threaded cap. The 17 AML and AEU mount low to the barrel for use with our 57 SML. The 17 ATC sits high above the barrel for use with the high, T/C Creedmore type rear sight. The 17 AML and ATC Sights fit T/C Hawken and other rifles with 3/8" dovetails. The Lyman Great Plains, Trade and Deerstalker Rifles use the 17 AEU sight, as the barrel dovetail is .360. HUNTING SIGHTS

Lyman offers both the 16 AML Folding Leaf Sight and the 37 ML Front Sight in a special configuration designed to fit all current Lyman Black Powder Rifles. The 16 Folding Leaf Sight is adjustable for elevation and the leaf can be folded out of the way when the rifle is additionally equipped with a receiver sight. The 37 Front Sight is equipped with a 3/32" white bead for fast shooting. This sight package will fit both the Great Plains and Trade Rifle as well as the Deerstalker Rifle.

Rossi Dove Tail Sights

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