The Lyman Great Plains Rifle

A Tradition of Excellence

Lyman Great Plains Rifle

The rifle carried across the Great Plains by western pioneers and fur trappers was the culmination of percussion firearms development. This "Great Plains" rifle was designed and built by such famous makers as Hawken, Gemmer and Demick to the specifications of experienced backwoodsmen. Only the best and most reliable designs and finest workmanship were acceptable. Today, as in the 1800's, the experienced black powder shooter is looking for a very special rifle.

No other factory assembled rifle or kit offers the authentic style and design of Lyman's Great Plains Rifle. This classic muzzleloader offers such high quality features as a 32" barrel with 1 in 60" twist for patched ball and hunting loads, double set triggers, Hawken style percussion "snail" with clean out screw, separate ramrod entry thimble and nose cap, and reliable coil spring lock with correct lock plate. Available in .50 and .54 caliber flint or percussion. Factory assembled or kit form.

European Rifle From 1800

Great Plains Rifle Flintlock raPlains 1 ^Pistol

Lyman Plains Pistol

Lyman Plains Pistol recreates the trapper's pistol of the mid-1800's while incorporating the best ofmodern steels and technology. It's the perfect companion to a Lyman black powder rifle. This percussion pistol is loaded with quality features. The richly stained walnut stock complements blackened iron furniture, polished brass trigger guard and ramrod tips. The hooked patent breech takes down quickly and easily for cleaning. Just like the originals, the thimble is recessed into the rib and a detachable belt hook provides an alternative to a holster. A spring-loaded trigger and fast 1 in 30" twist make it amazingly accurate.

.50 Cal. Per (#6010608) .54 Cal. Per (#6010609) .50 Cal. Per "Kit" (#6010610) .54 Cal. Per "Kit" (#6010611)

Great Plains Hunter

This is a special version of our Great Plains rifle with the hunter in mind. Called the "Great Plains Hunter", this new model features a fast, 1 in 32" shallow groove rifle barrel. It's ideal for shooting the many types of modern projectiles available to today's black powder hunter, such as Lyman's own 'Shocker' series of bullets and sabots. The Great Plains Hunter has all of the high quality features of our Classic Great Plains rifle. It is also also pre-drilled and tapped for the new 57 GPR receiver sight for the Great 0Plains rifle.

Finished Rifles

.50 Cal. Per #6031102

.54 Cal. Per #6031103

.50 Cal. Flint #6031105

.54 Cal. Flint #6031106

Left Hand Rifles

.50 Cal. Per #6031125

.54 Cal. Per #6031126

.50 Cal. Flint #6031137

.54 Cal. Flint #6031138

Great Plains Kits

.50 Cal. Per #6031111

.54 Cal. Per #6031112

.50 Cal. Flint . . . .#6031114 .54 Cal. Flint . . . .#6031115 Great Plains Hunter

50 Cal. Per #6031120

54 Cal. Per #6031121

54 Cal.Flint #6031149

New 32" Extra Great Plains Hunter Barrels

These barrels have 1-32" shallow groove rifling.* Ideal for shooting conicals and sabots. Includes fitted tang for easy change over. Available in:

50 Cal. 6030266 (Perc. only) 54 Cal. 6030267 (Perc. only

*Easy Drop in for converting Classic Great Plains to Hunter Model.

Great Plains Rifle Left Hand


Black Powder Accessories

Unbreakable Ramrod

fits barrels up to 36"


Flint Frizzen

better spark


Rifle Flints 2-pack


Rifle Nipple 3-pack



Touch Hole Liner


Wedge Trade Rifle


Wedge Deerstalker


Wedge Great Plains


Great Plains Rifle Left Hand

Buckhorn Cal Muzzleloader

Upgrade Your Muzzleloader with Lyman Black Powder Sights

Lyman 57SML and 57GPR Receiver Sights

The most popular black powder receiver sight offers an immediate improvement in accuracy for the target shooter or hunter. Features 1/4 minute micrometer click adjustments for elevation and windage, quick release slide. 57SML fits perfectly on Lyman Deerstalker or Trade Rifle. Other models may require minor drilling and tapping depending on manufacturer. 57GPR fits Great Plains supplied with adapter. Price: (4 oz.) 57SML(#3090114) (4 oz.) 57GPR(#3090112)

Lyman #17 Front Target Sight

The ideal companion for the 57SML receiver sight, the 17 comes complete with a set of 8 interchangeable inserts. The 17AML fits low to the barrel with a height of .494". The 17ATC fits rifles that use a tall vernier type rear sight. The 17ATC has a height of .852". All 17's are machined from steel and have a standard % dovetail. (Except 17AEU which has European Dovetail for Lyman Muzzleloaders). Price: 17AML (Ht .494") (#3090115) 17ATC (Ht .852") (#3090116) 17AEU (Eur. Dovetail) (#3171074) 16 and 37 Hunting Sights

Tired of the same old traditional blade and buckhorn sights found on most muzzleloaders? These quality Lyman hunting sights will make an old gun shoot straight and true. Both have special .360 dovetail cuts that fit most European imports. The 16AML folding leaf sight is fully adjustable for elevation. The 37ML white bead front sight stands out in low light conditions.

Price: #16AML (Ht .400-500) (#3090117) Combination Set (#3090106) #37ML (Ht .445) (#3090118)

57 SML 57 GPR

17 AML 17 ATC 17 AEU (European Dovetail)

16 AML Rear Sight

37 ML Front Sight

17 AML 17 ATC 17 AEU (European Dovetail)

16 AML Rear Sight

37 ML Front Sight

Deerstalkerâ„¢ & Trade Rifles

Lyman Receiver Sight

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