а. Replacing Barrel Select proper barrel and receiver combination so that about 1 /16-inch draw is obtained when assembled. Screw the receiver on the barrel with receiver and barrel wrench 7113308 draw up receiver until alignment marks on barrel and receiver (Fig. 91) coincide. Then determine that the fiat surfaces on bottom of barrel and receiver are parallel. Check this by indicator or placing two bars, about 10 inches long, in position as illustrated in figure 92; and sight over the edges. When the two bars lie parallel, the barrel and receiver are in exact alignment for proper functioning.

Note. After installing barrel on receiver, adjust and check the head space as described on pages 82 and 85.

б. Gas Cylinder Piston and Nut Insert gas cylinder piston into cylinder and screw cylinder piston nut into the threads using gas cylinder reconditioning tool 7160995 (Fig. 83) (with component wrench). Make certain to stake the cylinder lightly into the nut, in one of the three places provided, or the nut may work loose during the firing of the carbine. After the piston and nut are assembled in the gas cylinder, check to assure that there is no binding {page 82).

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