Differences Between Models

a. Tactical Inspect ion. For information on differences between models which affect troop use, refer to page 44.

b. Cal. .30 Carbines Ml and M1A1 (Figs. 1 and 2). The only difference between the carbines Ml and M1A1 is the stock. The Ml has a one-piece wooden stock, whereas the M1A1 has a folding metal stock extension and a wooden hand grip.

c. Cal. .30 Carbines M2 and M3 (Figs. 3 and 3a). The carbine M2 is the same as the Ml except for differences in design of certain components and the addition of others (d below), which permit the M2 to deliver either semi-automatic or full automatic fire. The carbine M3 is the same as the M2 except that the rear sight is not included and the top of the receiver is designed to accomodate special sighting equipment (sniper-scope) issued by the Corps of Engineers. Information on the sniperscope may be found in TM 5-9341.

d. Component Differences Between Full Automatic and Semi-Automatic Carbines (Fig. 3b),

Note. The hammer, sear, trigger housing, operating slide, and stock of the carbine M2

Carbine Stocks
Figure 1. Cal. .30 carbine M1.

(described in (1) through (5) below) can also be used on the carbine Ml.

(1) Hammer. The hammer of the carbine M2 is the same as the hammer of the Ml carbine, except that it has a milled

Carbine Ballistics Table

Figure 2. Cal. .30 carbine M1A1

Carbine Sear


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