Figure Chasing gas cylinder thread

bon has been removed, clean inside of cylinder and piston, oil very lightly and replace. Clean gas port with an 0.070-inch or smaller drill inserted by hand, or with piece of wire or similar instrument. Be sure to stake piston nut lightly in place when assembling.

Note. Pistons, breech end of receivers, and other parts subjected to burned powder must be thoroughly cleaned. Scrub these parts with a bristle brush moistened with rifle-bore cleaner.

(2) Rust. Rust is more likely to form on surfaces not regularly lubricated, or where barrel head dissipates oil film rapidly. Such points are under side of barrel, body of oiler beneath sling, receiver locking lug recess in recoil plate, operating slide spring, well in receiver ("alternate" design receiver) or spring housing tube, rear sight base, inside faces of operating slide, recesses in trigger housing, and unexposed recesses and faces. Remove rust with a rag saturated with rifle-bore cleaner, preservative lubricating oil (special) or by using crocus cloth, but exercise care to avoid scratching surfaces. After rust is removed, wipe surface with clean, dry cloth and then with clean cloth lightly saturated with preservative lubricating oil (special). The operating slide spring housing (or tube) may be cleaned with the carbine cleaning rod

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