Figure Magazine catches


a. Cock hammer and check seating and positive retention to limit of sear nose in hammer notch. Continue to retract hammer rearward and observe forward movement of sear to maintain retention. Sear should continue to contact hammer throughout movement. Pull trigger; sear should release hammer crisply. Release trigger. It should move positively to forward position under force of trigger spring and be held there firmly and without shake even when sear is not assembled. When trigger is in forward position ahd hammer cocked, the sear should rest upon or above top of rear pedestal of trigger.

b. Check trigger pull. See page 50 for instructions on the checking of the trigger pull.

c. Check to assure that hammer and sear reengage when trigger is pulled back far enough to cause perceptible movement of hammer and then released.

d. Check to assure that trigger guard is not bent and does not interfere with functioning of trigger.

e. Check to assure that safety functions properly. It should block the trigger when set on safe (tang vertical) and permit release of the hammer when the tang of the safety is pointing to the rear.

f. Check functioning of the magazine catch to assure that it operates properly and does not bind. Inspect each assembly to assure that the magazine catch can be pushed rearward in its ways in the trigger housing, and that the safety plunger spring is strong enough to return it firmly to the forward position. Check each safety by rotating it to both positions to assure that the retention effect of the spring is sufficiently strong to hold it firmly in the position desired. It shall be determined that the forward pressure on the magazine will not prevent proper sidewise travel of the catch.

g. With trigger housing group assembled to the receiver, check to assure against looseness which would affect functioning. The retaining pin must fit tightly enough to remain in position yet permit ready disassembly by hand. The trigger housing group must be readily disassembled from the receiver.

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