Figure Slide bolt extractor and plunger

disengaged otherwise, rear bar is bent or guide lugs are excessively worn.

c. With operating spring and guide installed, test function of operating slide stop. When bolt is fully retracted and stop pressed into its retaining groove, it should positively "hang" slide and bolt in that position. If slide does not remain in rearward position, the stop and/or retaining groove are worn or stop friction spring is missing, broken, or set. Stop should be cammed out of groove and lie flush with bottom surface of slide when bolt is retracted. Friction pressure of stop spring should be sufficient to hold stop positively in retracted position notwithstanding jar of bolt at end of rearward movement. (Stops of early design were spring retracted when slide was moved slightly to rear to relieve friction between stop and face of notch in receiver.)

Browning Gold Sliding Bolt

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a. Refer to page 13 for instructions on removal from carbine of the bolt assembly.

b. Assemble bolt disassembling tool 7313298 (Fig. 6) to the bolt (Fig. 60), with the unslotted tang of the tool pawl resting under the bevel of the extractor plunger. (Bolt disassembling tool 7313298 is supplied to organizational personnel and to ordnance field and depot maintenance personnel.) While pressing down on the unslotted tang of the tool pawl to make certain that it stays under the bevel of the extractor plunger, turn the thumb screw until the extractor plunger is depressed making it possible to remove the extractor by forcing it out through the hole in the tool.

Caution: If the tang of the tool pawl is not kept under the bevel of the extractor plunger, it will come in contact with the straight portion of the plunger shaft and continued pressure of the thumb screw will cause the tang of the tool pawl to snap.

c. Remove tool slowly keeping finger over tang and plunger to keep plunger from popping out and disassemble bolt.

Note. Any effort to "punch out" the extractor without depressing the extractor plunger will shear off the plunger or the extractor retaining lip. The plunger must be depressed before the plunger is "punched out."

Figure 59. Bolt assembly.

e. Replace and dispose of all used extractor plunger springs during rebuild.

f. Extractors, with 44V" type retaining notch or modified retaining notch, will be replaced and disposed of during rebuild. Use only new type plungers as shown in figure 58 and only previously unused plungers and plunger springs.

g. Visually inspect the ejector assembly for worn, deformed, or broken spring and for condition of ejector. Function test ejector.

h. Check to assure that only the new type of modified type firing pin (Fig. 61) is used. The old type pins can be modified by depot maintenance if the quantity involved warrants the work required to accomplish this (Fig. 62). Function test bolt and firing pin.


a Inspect bolt for cracks (under "black light" in depot maintenance), paying particular attention to the area around the right hand locking lug. Bolts having cracks must be rejected.

b. Check to assure that bolt is free from burrs and excessive wear especially around the hammer cam at the rear. Bolts with badly galled or noticeably worn cams must be rejected. Inspect firing pin tang slot for wear and burrs.

c. Inspect the firing pinhole at face of bolt. The corner should be free from burrs, but not rounded or chamfered.

d. Visually inspect to assure that there are no burred edges at the two cams on the operating lug. Figure 60. Disassembling bolt.

Carbine Bolt Assembly


Worn Rifle Bolt Lugs


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Worn Rifle Bolt Lugs



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