Preparation For Storage

Medium preservative lubricating oil is the most suitable oil for short term protection of the carbine mechanism. It is effective for storage over periods of 2 to 6 weeks, depending on climatic conditions. However, carbines in short term storage must be inspected every 4 or 5 days and the preservative films renewed if necessary. For longer periods of storage, carbines are protected with medium rust-preventive compound. Medium rust-preventive compound is a semi-solid material. It is efficient for preserving polished surfaces, the bore, and the chamber for a period of approximately 1 year, depending on climatic and storage conditions. The carbine must be cleaned and prepared for storage with particular care. The bore, all parts of the mechanism, and the exterior of the carbine should be thoroughly cleaned and then dried completely with rags. In damp climates, particular care must be taken to see that the rags are dry. After drying a metal part, the bare hands should not touch that part. All metal parts should then be coated with either medium preservative lubricating oil or medium rust-preventive compound, depending on the length of storage required. The rust-preventive compound can best be applied to the bore of the carbine by dipping the cleaning brush into the compound and then running it through the bore two or three times. The brush must be clean before it is used. Before placing the carbine in the packing chest, see that the bolt is in its forward position and that the hammer is released. Then, handling the carbine by the stock and hand guard only, place it in the packing chest whose wooden supports for the butt and muzzle have been painted with rust-preventive compound. Under no circumstances should a carbine be wrapped in a cloth or other cover or be placed in storage with a plug in the bore. Such covers collect moisture and make the weapon rust.

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