Repair And Rebuild Field Or Depot Maintenance

a. General. Replace all broken, worn, or otherwise unserviceable parts. Remove burrs and rust. Weapons must have all applicable modifications, and instructions contained in future technical bulletins must be followed. Note that certain components for carbines M2 and M3 a e not interchangeable with those of the carbines. Ml and M1A1, although some designed for the former can be used on the latter.

b. Hammer Fails to Cock. This condition may be due to damaged sear, broken sear spring, burrs or foreign matter in sear notch in hammer, or

Mossberg 46b Trigger Plunger Install

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Figure 51. Trigger 6200988.

failure of bolt to move far enough to the rear on recoil movement to cock hammer. Examine parts; clean and replace if necessary.

c. Correcting Trigger Pull.

(1) A light or heavy trigger pull may be caused by foreign matter or burrs in the sear notch in the hammer, on the nose of the sear, on the top of rear end lip of trigger where the rear end of sear rests, or in the elongated pivot hole in the sear from seating fully in hammer notch. To correct, remove foreign matter or replace with new components from stock.

(2) A light pull may also be due to a weak or broken sear spring which will not seat the sear fully in the hammer notch before the pressure from hammer spring is applied to the nose of sear through the hammer. Correct by replacing sear spring.

(3) Uneven surface of hammer notch or worn nose of sear may alter trigger pull. Correct by replacing sear or hammer.

d. Trigger Hang. Triggers of early manufacture had a 4- or 8-degree angle on the forward face of the pedestal which was conducive to trigger hang. When trigger hang exists, and it is not due to malfunction of the trigger spring, it can be eliminated by replacing the trigger with one of recent manufacture having an angle of 20 degrees on the forward face of the pedestal (Fig. 51). Surface must be smooth.

Figure 52. Sears - usable types.

Figure 53. Safeties.

e. Trigger Housing Loose on Receiver.

(1) If T-shaped lug on rear end of trigger housing becomes worn bo it becomes a loose fit in retaining L-shaped lugs on rear end of receiver, peen lightly to spread lug, then file to fit. The trigger housing must be readily disassembled from receiver.

(2) The forward lugs of trigger housing may be similarly treated to attain close fit.

Caution: Do not peen or squeeze in the lugs on the receiver as they are hardened. Any attempt at tightening should be done by peening of trigger housing lugs when necessary.

f. Safety Sticks. If the safety sticks when turned the 90 degrees, the safety spring plunger is burred or missing or the plunger seats in the safety are burred or too deep. Stone the safety for proper retention of the plunger or replace with new safety. Replace plunger or spring as required.


a. Refer to page 13 for instructions on the assembly of the trigger housing group.

b. Using trigger spring removing tool 7160026 (Fig. 46) replace the trigger spring by reversing the procedure of removal. When the spring is in position in the retaining groove of the trigger, depress the trigger and withdraw the tool from the housing. Install the stock on the carbine.

Hatsan Escort Trigger Housing

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