Section Iv Trigger Housing Group Carbines M And M


a. To remove the trigger housing group the disconnector lever must first be removed, as the disconnector lever pin locks the housing to the receiver.

b. To remove the disconnector lever, move the selector to its rearward position and push the selector spring up the slot in the housing magazine post to the dismounting notch and withdraw, using a drift or the operating slide spring guide. Slide the selector off the disconnector lever pin. The disconnector lever can then be withdrawn and the trigger housing separated from the receiver.

c. The disassembly of the trigger housing group is the same as for the carbines Ml and M1A1.

d. To reduce loss of disconnector spring plunger assembly when removing trigger housing group from barrel and receiver assembly of M2

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Figure 55. Plunger assemblies for magazine catch and safety.

and M3 carbines, MWO ORD B28-W7 prescribes the following changes:

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