Assembly And Preparation For Use cont

(4) Installation of MK 19 Grenade Machine Gun on MK 93 MOD 1 Machine Gun Mount.

(a) Loosen HMMWV adapter bolts (3).

(b) Mount universal pintle adapter (1) in HMMWV ring socket (2), and tighten adapter bolts (3).

(c) Install mount pintle (4) into universal pintle adapter (1).

(d) Install quick-release pin (5) to secure universal pintle adapter (1) and mount pintle (4).

(e) Align thumbscrew (5) on mounting bracket (7) with corresponding slot in slideplate of carriage assembly (8). Push up and align studs with corresponding holes in sideplate. Push down until studs stop. Tighten thumbscrew.

(f) Turn shock absorber assemblies (9) to downward position.

(g) Ensure rear slider assembly (10) is "down", rear .50 caliber pin assembly is installed through the bushing and stowage bracket, and detent balls are secure and clearly visible.

Mk93 Mod Machine Gun MountQuick Turn Brackets InstallationQuick Release Pin Mechanism

(h) Install catch bag assembly (11) from right side while pushing catch bag frame (12) forward into carriage assembly (8). Align catch bag assembly with holes in carriage assembly. Install quick-release pin (13) and seal Velcro.

(i) Install elevation mechanism (14) by placing quick-release pin (15) through corresponding holes beneath carriage assembly (8). Pull lever down to lock elevation mechanism on azimuth indicator (16).

(j) Install MK19 grenade machine gun by sliding its locking channels into the forward mounting pins on carriage assembly. Ensure sear assembly aligns with upper rear holes in carriage assembly.

(k) Install rear quick-release pin through the carriage assembly and sear.

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