Assembly And Preparation For Use cont

(2) Installation of Ammunition Box Container Assembly on .50 Cal Machine Gun Mount.

(a) Unlatch the door assembly.

(b) Lift the pressure foot and cover assembly upward.

(c) Place a box of ammunition with the cover removed into the tray.

(d) Lower the cover assembly with pressure foot on the ammunition.

(e) Close and latch the door.

(3) Installation of Ammunition Tray on M60 Machine Gun Mounts.

(a) Remove the box cover.

(b) Place the box end under the tray hook.

(c) Push the box downward on the tray, allowing the tray hook to engage over the end of the box. The hook retains the box in the tray.

d. Installation of M6 Machine Gun Pedestal Mount in M998/M1038/M1097 HMMWV (Cargo/Troop Carrier).


■ The M6 Pedestal Mount is heavy. A minimum of two personnel are required to lift and install the mount in the vehicle.

■ When installing the M6 Pedestal Mount nuts and bolts under cargo bed ensure vehicle exhaust system is cool to the touch to prevent burns.


■ When installing the M6, Unit Maintenance support is required.

■ If your vehicle has threaded inserts welded under the cargo bed, perform steps (1) and (2). If your vehicle does not have threaded inserts, go to step (3). One assistant will be needed.

■ Hardware removed in steps (1) thru (4) are components of the HMMWV and cannot be requisitioned separately using this manual. Use care not to lose or damage hardware.

Cargo Bed Bolt

(1) Remove three bolts (1) and three rear tiedowns (2) from cargo bed (3). 2-14 Change 5

Under The Bed Locking Gun Draw
(2) Remove two bolts (4) and two bulkhead brackets (5) from cargo bed (3). Go to step (5).
M122 Tripod

(3) Remove three self-locking nuts (6), three flat washers (7), three bolts (1), and three rear tie-downs (2) from cargo bed (3).

M16 Auto Sear Hole Location

(4) Remove two self-locking nuts (8), two lockwashers (9), two bolts (4), and two bulkhead brackets (5) from cargo bed (3).

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