It is essential that operational procedures for the machine gun be followed before installing on a mount. Dangerous procedures such as mounting, dismounting, cleaning, repairing, or operating a machine gun on a mount without first having knowledge of the operation of the machine gun and all safety precautions to be followed could result in injury or death to personnel. DO NOT attempt to mount or dismount or inspect or repair a mounted machine gun without first clearing the machine gun chamber and feedways of ammunition.

(1) Installation of .50 Cal Machine Gun on MK 93 MOD 1 Machine Gun Mount.

(a) Loosen HMMWV adapter bolts (3).

(b) Mount universal pintle adapter (1) in HMMWV adapter (2), and tighten adapter bolts (3).

(c) Install mount pintle (4) into universal pintle adapter (1).

(d) Install quick-release pin (5) to secure universal pintle adapter (1) and mount pintle (4).

Mk93 Mount Machine Gun Mod Pic


Mk93 40mm Machine Gun Mount Mod

(e) Align thumbscrew (6) on ammo holder assembly (7) with corresponding bottom slot in sideplate of carriage assembly (8). Push up and align studs with corresponding holes in sideplate down until studs stop. Tighten thumbscrew.

(f) Turn shock absorber assemblies (9) to upright position.

(g) Ensure rear slider assembly (10) is "up".

Depression Stop Assembly

(h) Install catch bag assembly (11) from right side while pushing catch bag frame (12) forward into carriage assembly (8). Align catch bag assembly with holes in carriage assembly. Install quickrelease pin (13) and seal Velcro.

(i) Install elevation mechanism (14) by placing quick-release pin (15) through corresponding holes beneath carriage assembly (8). Pull lever down to lock elevation mechanism on azimuth indicator (16).

(j) Install .50 caliber machine gun by aligning front mounting holes with the corresponding holes in front slide assemblies. Install front M2 quick-release pin (17).

(k) Install rear M2 quick-release pin (18) through weapon and rear slider assembly.

A semi-free weapon can be achieved with the elevation mechanism attached by turning the thumbscrew on the traverse arm assembly counterclockwise and turning the manual control handle two full revolutions. This allows manual elevation/depression and azimuth change without unlocking HMMWV ring.

(2) Installation of .50 Cal Machine Gun on Other Gun Mounts.

(a) Position the machine gun in the cradle, align the front mounting hole of the machine gun with the front mounting hole of the cradle, and insert the front securing pin.

(b) Align the rear mounting hole of the machine gun with the rear mounting hole in the cradle and insert rear securing pin.

(3) Installation of M60 Machine Gun.

(a) Place the machine gun into the cradle with the forearm over the platform and engage the forearm hole over the platform hook.

(b) Push the machine gun forward and down on the butt stock.

(c) Press the platform catch open to engage the machine gun mounting pin and release the platform catch to close the mounting pin of the machine gun.

M16 Pintle

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