Mk Mod Machine Gun Mount

(1) The MK93 MOD 1 includes the MK93 MOD 0 machine gun mount, mounting bracket, .50 caliber ammo holder assembly, traverse and elevation mechanism, universal pintle adapter, catch bag assembly, and travel lock assembly.

(2) The MK93 MOD 1 includes a spent cartridge case and link catch bag which will hold approximately 96 40mm or 400 .50 caliber spent cartridge cases and links. The catch bag has a side opening which allows for easy clean out without removing the entire assembly. The side opening may be left open during combat to prevent buildup of rounds under the mount which might prevent the gun from firing.

(3) The MK93 MOD 1 has an attaching ammunition can support bracket which allows either the .50 caliber ammo holder assembly or the mounting bracket for 40mm ammunition to be mounted.

j. M6 Machine Gun Pedestal Mount. Universal pedestal mount whose operational effectiveness is dependent upon the weapon characteristics of the gun installed. However, the operation of the mount does have two specific characteristics, which are described below:

(1) Internal Column Assembly. This assembly is raised or lowered manually by the operator and has provisions for locking the firing positions desired in predetermined increments.

(2) Retaining Clamp Assembly. The retaining clamp assembly is located in the pintle socket of the internal column assembly. This assembly serves to lock the pintle adapter assembly of the M197 machine gun mount, used with the M6 machine gun pedestal mount, in the traverse position, and also prevents any upward movement which would allow disengagement from the pintle socket.




Internal Column — Assembly

Internal Column — Assembly

Mk93 Mod Machine Gun Mount

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