Mma Machine Gun Tripod Mount And Traversing And Elevating Mechanism Maintenance Instructions


a. Disassembly b. Inspection/Repair

c. Reassembly


Tools and Special Tools

Small Arms Repairman Tool Kit (item 2, appx B)

Small Arms Shop Set (item 1, appx B)


1 Release pintle lock assembly (10) and remove mount pintle (7) (M122 only).

2 Remove one retaining clip (3) and remove pin (4).

3 Remove flex mount (6) (M122A1 only) from sleeve bushing (8) and the mechanism assembly (5).

4 Turn traversing lever (2) counterclockwise and remove traversing and elevating mechanism (1) from traverse bar assembly (8).


1 Inspect for broken, damaged, or missing parts.

2 For further disassembly of tripod leg assembly, refer to paragraph 6-5.

3 Traversing and elevating mechanism assembly (1) is a repairable assembly. Refer to paragraph 6-6.

4 Mount pintle (7) is a repairable assembly. Refer to paragraph 6-3.

5 Flex mount (6) is a repairable assembly. Refer to paragraph 9-1.

6 Repair is by replacement of authorized parts (appx C).

Cal Machine Gun Tripod

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