1 — point target 75 meters remove J,.j from m3ia1 target holding mechanisms

Ft fur* i ¡2, Hi/if merkemennhip fieid fire range (modified for eutometic rifle tr en nit ion firing f.

(4) Range personnel. The following personnel ere required in addition to those listed in paragraph 63.

(a) Scorer-target operator. One scorer is assigned to each lane. Upon receiving the flrer's scorecard, the scorer will insure ita heading has been filled out correctly. He Is responsible for controlling the targets (to include time exposure I and recording hit data for bis lane.

(b) Lane noncommissioned officer. One lane NCO is assigned to each firing lane. His duty is to insure that safety regulations are complied with. The lane NCO will point out the left and r%ht limits of the flrer's lane« issue ammunition to the flrer. and rule on the validity of alibis.

c. Qualification firing. At the completion of automatic transition firing the soldier's proficiency la tested by firing a qualification course of fire. The qualification course of fire Is conducted on the same range as the transition firing. Exposure times, sequence, and range to the targeta are outlined in figure ) 13 (standard automatic scorecard I and figure 114 (alternate automatic scorecard I.

(11 Automatic rifle qualification scores (hitsI and ratings are as follows:


Expert Hilar pah oo tor Msrksraan UnqusllfM

Number of kite

27.52 23-26 Ift-22

15 and below

(2) Those soldiers who fall to meet the minimum standard of 16 may reflre the qnallfication course. In all cases where refire is required to obtain the minimum score, the maximum rating will be marfcsma* and the maximum score will be 16.

lCOftBCARO • AUTOMATIC RIFLE « . . ^STAHOA» AROMATIC «IPtf TRANSITIOH flIHIW F.r Mt «hl. Im, ih AU^Ué 2*.TÍ mi pmfmm* i^cy I. *« US An»y

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