of the latching lever snap over the bayonet lug (fig

b. Removal Grasp the handle of the bayonet and depress the latching lever on the handle, releasing the bayonet log from the groove in the handle. Slide tie bayonet from the rifle.

32. M76 Grenade Launcher The M76 grenade launcher (fig 541 is attached to the barrel of the rifle for launching grenade«. The barrel of the launcher contains nine annular grooves, numbered 6 to 1, 2A, 3A, and 4A. When firing grenades, these are utilized to obtain different ranges by placing the grenade at different positions on the launcher. On the bottom portion of the muzzle end of the launcher there is a clip-type retainer spring used to hold the grenade on the launcher at the desired position prior to firing. The unmarked groove located above the retainer spring is a safety groove that prevents the grenade from slipping off the launcher if the retainer clip breaks. When using the grenade launcher, the spindle valve MUST be in the OFF (parallel to barrel I position.

M14a1 Bipod
Figure 50. M 2 bipod.
M14a1 Rifle
Jr f
Rifle Pictures



Figure 52. MS bayonet knife and M8A 1 bayonet scabbard.

Figure 52. MS bayonet knife and M8A 1 bayonet scabbard.

Bayonet Drawing

Figure 54. M76 grenade launcher.

Beretta Silencer

Figure 54. M76 grenade launcher.

a. Installation. To install the grenade launcher, slide the launcher over the flash suppressor. Push the clip latch rearward; securing it to the bayonet lug of the flash suppressor (fig 55).

b. Removal. To remove the grenade launcher pull downward on the handle of the clip latch, releasing it from the bayonet lug on the flash suppressor, and slide the launcher from the flash suppressor.

33« M15 Grenade Launcher Sight The grenade launcher sight provides an angular measurement of elevation for firing grenades and can be used for both low angle (direct firing) and high angle firing.

a. Installation. Install the sight to the mounting plate, alining notches of the plate with the click spring tips of the sight (fig 56). Turn sight clockwise until the index line is alined with the 0 degree index on the mounting plate. At this position, the leveling bubble should be level. If the bubble cannot be leveled, the rifle should be turned in to the unit armorer.

b. Removal. Turn sight counterclockwise until the tips of the clip springs are alined with the notches in the mounting plate; remove the sight from the mounting plate (fig 56). When not in use, the sight should be left in its carrying case.

Note. Removal and mounting of the mounting plate is accomplished by »upport maintenance personnel ONLY.

Figure 55, MI4 rifle with M76 grenade launcher.

Blank Firing Deflector


Figure 56. /n$taltaiion of MIS grenade launcher sight.

34. M12 Blank Firing Attachment and M3

Breech Shield The blank firing attachment and breech shield (fig f>7) are designed for use when firing blank cartridge*. The blank firing attachment consists of an orifice tube and a spring clip latch which secures the attachment to the bayonet lug of the flash suppressor- The breech shield in used with the blank firing attachment and consists of a deflector shield and a guide lug with .spring plunger which secures the shield to the cartridge clip guide. a. Installation (fig 581.

(I I Blank firing attachment. Insert the orifice tube in the muzzle opening of the flash suppressor. Pull out on the clip latch and push down on the top of the orifice tube of the blank firing attachment. Release the clip spring latch securing the cut away portion of the latch to the bayonet lug.

<21 lirerch shield. Insert the guide lug of the breech shield into the slot of the cartridge clip guide. Using any empty blank cartridge, press in on the spring plunger and push down on the breech shield, locking it to the cartridge clip guide. b. RnnovaL

(II Blank firing attachment. In removing the blank firing attachment from the rifle, pull outward on the spring clip latch, releasing it from the bayonet lug. Turn the attachment either to the left or the right of the bayonet lug and slide the attachment from the flash suppressor.

12) Breech .shield. Using an empty blank cartridge, or any suitable object, press in on the spring plunger located on the guide lug of the breech shield. Lift the breech shield from the cartridge clip guide.

Winter Trigger Kit

The winter trigger kit (fig 59 and 60) is utilized during cold weather and arctic operations by special authorisation of the theater commander. It consists of two woodscrews, a winter trigger assembly, and a winter safety. The safety can be easily operated by the firer while wearing heavy gloves or mittens because of its long protruding tang which extends approximately 1 'A inches below the firing mechanism.

Figur* 57. MI2 blank firing attachment and M3 breech shield.

M14 Blank Firing Attachment

tftINO cur IATCW

otirici tu« ^^^ HANK FIKING ATTACHMfNT

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