Appendix D Target Detection Exercises

1. General

«. The exercises outlined in chts appendix serve as the basia lor the target detection training conducted in conjunction with any of the rifle marksmanship courses. Target detection periods of instruction are listed in numerical sequence; however, this denotes only the recommended sequence of instruction and has no relation to the numerical periods of a specific marksmanship coarse.

6. Army Subject Schedule 23-72 may be nsed as a guide for a target detection program; however, detailed information can be found in thia appendix.

c. The ammunition ia baaed on the number of rounds used in each preaentation and demonstration, assuming one rehearsal for each preaentation and demonstration.

/Vote. Ons Initial rehearsal tfaould 1m conducted for eadb tar fit detection exercise. Additional nhunali are required only If target men are changed. A preset! tat ion refers to each time one exerdsa Is conducted. Count a rehearsal se a t tattoo.

2. Target Detection Exercises a. Period One, Introduction to Target Detection (2 hour»). Tha purpose of this period is to teach each soldier the necessary skills and methods of detecting, marking, and determining the range to realistic battlefield targets.

Sample Master Trial Sheet Period 1

( 11 Range facilities. Two target detection ranges.

<21 Personnel.

fa) Two principal instructors (one for each range).

(b) Eight assistant instructors (four for each range I.

(c) Six target men (three for each range!.

Not*. One prindpal instruct«- is needed at each range. He has the responelbllity for »siting up the range, training target mea. and conducting the da**- Four aseblaat to »tractor» are needed for each range. They control the observen, a mí at in «coring, and muat be thoroughly familiar with the poiltfon of the target». The alx target men, three tor taeh range, muat be trained to perforin tha duties of "target*." Each one la aedgnad a number of target placement» with to a certain area, and all target men are giveoe target trial card containing only the trial number a and tha Indlcatkma Ka la to perform.

(3) Blank ammunition requirements. For each presentation of—

First hour: 5 rounds for demonstration.

Second hour: IS rounds for practice exercise.

For each rehearsal of—

First hour: S rounds.

Second hour: 15 rounds.

me] Na


At tt^O



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