Figure 14. Parts of the barrel and receiver group in order of disassembly.

h. Replacing the Operating Rod. Holding the operating rod at the handle, place the front end into the operating rod guide and position the rod so that the recess in the hump fits over the bolt roller. Turn the operating rod to the left until the guide lug fits into the disassembly notch on the receiver, then move the operating rod forward until the bolt is closed.

c. Replacing the Operating Rod Spring and Operating Rod Spring Guide. Turn the barrel and receiver over so the sights are down and the muzzle is to the left. Place the operating rod spring guide into the operating rod spring, hump up, and feed the loose end of the spring into the operating rod. Grasp the spring and guide with the left hand and compress the spring until the hole in the guide can be alined with the connector lock. Lower the guide and push the connector lock in with the right thumb (fig 151.

d. Replacing the Connector Assembly. Place

M1a1 Rifle Operating Rod Handle
Figure 15. Replacing the operating rod spring and operating rod spring guide.

the barrel and receiver on its side with the operating rod handle up, muzzle away from you. Place the elongated hole in the rear of the connector assembly on the elongated stud on the sear release U. fig 1 6). Place the thumb of the right hand on the rear of the connector assembly, the first finger on the sear release bracket, and the second finger inside the rear of the receiver. Pushing toward the muzzle with the right thumb and with the thumb and first finger of the left hand, turn the front of the connector counterclockwise until it can be snapped onto the connector lock (2, fig 16).

1!. Assembly of the Three Main Groups a. Place the barrel and receiver group on a flat surface, sights down. Pick up the stock group and engage the stock ferrule in the front band, then lower the stock group onto the barrel and receiver group.

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