Cartridge Case

M14 Rifle Barrel Spec

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Figure 4V. Types of ammunition for the M14 and M14 Al rifles.

/. Dummy, The M63 4mmmy cartridge hat six longitudinal oorrngatiens approximately one-third the length of the case. There are no marking a on the bullet amd there is no primer la the bate of the cartridge. It is used ii training for dry firing exercises.

g. Mitch. The Ml 1* match cartridge is used in competitive firing. Because of it* increased accuracy, it is also need for sniper missions. The Ml 16 cartridge can be identified by the word "MATCH" inscribed on its base.

29* Packaging a. The 5'Reuad Cartridge Clip. Ammunition is prepacked in five-round cartridge clips. Twelve clips are packed in a ekrth bandoleer. Seven bandoleers are packed in a can and two cans are packed in a ease.

4>. The 20-Rmund Carton. Ammunition la also fiction VII.

The M2 bipod <fif 56) is a light, folding mount which elampe onto tbe gas cylinder and gas cylinder lock of the rifle.

a. ImitalUtio* (fig 511. Place the jaws of the yoke assembly so that they encircle the gaa cylinder at the gas cylinder lock. Tighten the self-locking bolt with the combination tool, securing the jaws to the gas cylinder.

h. Remevai Using the combination tool, loosen the bolt located hsneath the yoke assembly and remove the bipod frena the rifle.

Knife Sepfcfcavd The M6 bayeatot knila (fig 52) is utilised for close eons bat, guarding prisoners, and riot control. The MIA1 bayonet scabbard W nsed to carry the bayonet knife.

a. InaiaiUMam. InstaM the bayonet knife to the rifle by alining the groove of the bayonet handle with the bayonet lug on the flash suppressor and the loop of the top partien of tbs handle on the flash suppressor. Slide the knife rearward nntil the lugs packed in 20-round cartons. Twenty-three caiHofti are packed in a can and two cans are packed In a case.

c. Magazine Filler. The magazine filler is an adapter which fits over the top of an empty magazine (when the magazine is not in thl weapon) and makes it easier to load. One magazine filler is packed in each case of ammunition.

29. Care, Handling, Preservation a. Care should be taken to prevent ammunition boxes from becoming broken or damaged.

b. Ammunition should not be exposed to the direct rays of the sun. If the powder is heated, excessive pressure may develop. This condition will affect ammunition performance and create a safety hazard.

c. Ammunition should be kept clean and dry.

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