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4. Description of the Rifles n. Ml4 Rifle. (II The US rifle, 7.62 mm, M14 (fig 1) is a lightweight, aircooled, gas-operated, magazine-fed, shoulder weapon. It is designed primarily for semiautomatic fire.

(21 When employed as an automatic rifle, the selector and M2 bipod must be installed (fig 21.

131 The flash supressor is designed with a wide rib on the bottom to reduce muzzle climb and the amount of dust raised by muzzle blast.

<4! The lug on the rear of the flash suppressor is used to secure a bayonet, a grenade launcher, or a blank firing attachment*

(i>) The spindle valve is located just forward of the front band between the barrel and gas cylinder. The valve's function is to control the gases used to operate the rifle. When the slot of the spindle valve is in the vertical or ON position, the valve is open and gases necessary for the functioning of the rifle pass into the gas cylinder. When the slot of the spindle valve is in the horizontal or OFF position, the valve is closed. When the valve is closed, it permits the full pressure of the gas to be utilized to propel a rifle grenade and it also prevents the bypass of gas into the gas cylinder. b. M14A1 Rifle.

(II The US rifle, 7.62-mm, M14A1 (fig 31 is an aircooled, gas-operated, magazine-fed, shoulder weapon. It is capable of semiautomatic or automatic fire; however, it is designed primarily for automatic fire. It features a stablizier assembly, modified bipod, front and rear handgrip, straight line stock, and rubber recoil pad.


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Folding Handgrip

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Figure 1. M14 riff*.

M14a1 Stock


CASCYimott ?u*

Figure 1. M14 riff*.

Folding Handgrip M14a1 Assault Rifle

(21 The M14A1 stoclc group U the "straight line** type with m fixed pistol grip and folding front handgrip which lies flat along the bottom of the stock when not in use. The location of the front handgrip can be adjusted to one of five poaitions in 2.5 cm \ 1 inch) increments to accomodate all flrers. The rubber recoil pad reduces the effect« of recoil. The hinged shoulder rest provides vertical control of the butt end of the rifle. The butt sling swivel pivots 90 degrees to the left to facilitate carrying of the weapon.

<31 The stabiliser assembly consists of a perforated steel sleeve which slides over the flash suppressor and is fastened to the bayonet lug by a •crew and a locknut. The stabiliser provides muasle stability and reduces recoil.

<41 The M2 bipod is modified by the addition of a sling swivel and a longer yoke assembly pin to accommodate the swivel.

(5) The M14A1 utilizes a sling with an extra hook assembly. The portion of the sling between the handgrip and the bipod provides additional mutale control during firing. It allows the average flrer, by applying rearward pressure on the front handgrip, to increase the pressure of the bipod on the ground to approximately 16 kilograms <35 pounds), reducing dispersion considerably. When the weapon is carried at sling arms, the sling must be disconnected from the handgrip assembly.

5* General Data a. iVeights.

KHogrtm* (Pound**

M14 rifk with full mag nine And cleaning equipment 4.59 <10.1)

M14 rifle with full magaslne, cleaning equipment,

Empty magasiae .23 1.5)

Fall im|(iIm (with ball ammunition) 68 (1.51

Cleaning equipment 27 (.6)

M14AI rifle with hill magazine 5.95 (13.12)

Ml4, overall, with

Uaah suppressor 112.5 <44.31

M14A1, overall with stabiliser assembly I12.S 144.3)

Front Fixed.

Rear Adjustable, one dtofc of elevation or windage moves the strike of tbe bullet .7 centimetsre at 25 meter« 12.8 em o* l.l inch a« 100 meters).

<f. Ammunition See pvagraph 26.

e. Trigger Pull.

Minimi Maximum


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