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Figure 100. Underärm firing position with the MI4AI rifle.

(2) Itipod supported prone position. The bipod supported prone position is the most »table position from which to fire the automatic rifle, and it should be used whenever the tactical situation permits (fig 10IK This position has the advantage of presenting a low silhouette and is easily adapted to the use of cover and concealment. Its primary disadvantage is the limitation of its use in heavily vegetated or irregular terrain where the firer's field of Hiew- may be limited.

(at The bipod supported prone position is assumed as follows:

/. The firer stands facing the target with his feet spread a comfortable distance apart while holding the weapon with the left hand at the balance, the right hand at the pistol grip.

2. He drops to his knees and removes his right hand from the pistol grip, falls forward breaking his fall w ith the right hand well forward of and on line with the right knee.

.?. He extend* hi* left arm forward, places the weapon on ihe ground and lowers his body to the ground on the left side and elbow,

4. With his right hand, he raise* the hinged shoulder rest. He grasps the small of the stock with his left hand and places the weapon into his shoulder.

5. With his right hand, he grasps the pistol «rip. Tile firrr lowers his right elbow and «rasps the front handgrip with the left hand.

lb) The following point* should l>e checked on this position:

/. The bo<l\ should be alined so that if an imaginary straight line were drawn through the barrel and receiver, it would pass over the firer's right shoulder and through the center of his right buttock.

M14 Rifle Schematic

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