Figure 10—Continued.

b. Removing the Operating Rod Spring and Operating Rod Spring Guide. Place the barrel and receiver group on a flat surface» sights down, muzzle to the left. With the left hand, pull toward the muzzle on the operating rod spring to relieve pressure on the connector lock 11, fig Ilk With the right forefinger, pull the connector lock toward you and, allowing the operating rod spring to expand slowly, disconnect and remove the operating rod spring and operating rod spring guide (2, fig 11). Separate these two parts.

c. Removing f/ie Operating Rod. Turn the barrel and receiver group so the sights are up and the muzzle is pointing away from you. Pull back the operating rod handle until the guide lug on its inside surface is alined with the disassembly notch on the right side of the receiver. Rotate the operating rod downward and outward, then pull it to the rear, disengaging it from the operating rod guide (fig 12k

<f. Removing the Holt. Grasp the bolt by the roller and, while sliding it forward, lift it upward and outward to the right front with a slight rotating motion (fig 13k v. Rifle Field Stripped. The parts of the barrel and receiver group in their order of disassembly are shown in figure 14.

Aior#. The bolt, rear sight, and the firing mechaniurn will not be difiABsrmbird by thr soldier under any circumrtance«

l(k Assembly of the Barrel and Receiver Group a. Replacing the Holt. Place the barrel and receiver on the table, sights up. muzzle pointing away from you. Hold the bolt by the roller and locking lug and place the rear on the bridge of the receiver, firing pin tang pointed down. Turn the bolt slightly counterclockwise until the tang of the firing pin clears the bridge. Guide the left locking lug of the bolt into it* groove on the left side of the receiver. Lower the right locking lug on its bearing surface and slide the bolt halfway to the rear.

Remington M14a1

Figur* II. Removing the opergting rod spring Mnd Operating rod ipring guide.

Lee Enfield Mark SightsLee Enfield Mark Sights
Figure 12. Removing operating rod.
Ruger Mark DisassemblyLee Enfield Mark Sights
Figure 13. H em ovin g the boit.



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