M14 Record Qualification

Figure It7. Night firing ■cerrtW thcuify fubrkutwd/.

d. The flasher assembly Is preset to control the manner to emit a flash of light every 4 seconds. Indicator lights mounted on the M3IAI in a This gives the firer five flashes for every target exposure. The mode of the flash may be set to either the single or rapid mode.

106. Qualification Scores and Ratings a. Qualification scores for rifle marksmanship are based on a possible 100 points and include 70 possible points for daylight aimed fire, 10 possible points for daylight quick fire, and 20 possible points for night fire. Every effort will be made to insure that scoring is accurate and opportunities for error are minimized. Qualification scores and ratings are:

Expert 75-100

Sharpshooter 60-7 4

Marksman 54-65

Unqualified 53 and below b. Qualification requirements procedures.

11} Individúala must fire Record Fire I. Record Fire II, and Night Record Fire exercises and achieve a combined minimum qualification score of 54.

(2) To assist in recognising individuals who are not reaching the minimum proficiency at drtical points in the Record Fire course, the following guides are established.

Action to be taken Retire Record I on a contingency bails.1

Progresa to Record Fire II. Reflre Record Fire II on s contingency bull.3 Progreu to Night Record Fire. Reflre Night Record Fire. *

Award qualification rating sí in' dicatad In paragraph 3 h.


Recoct! Fire I Le m than 20

Record Fire I More than 20

Record Fire I and II Total Less than 47

Record Fire I and II Total More than 47

Record Fire I. II and Night 53 or below

Fire Total

Record Fire I, II and Night 54 or more

Fire Total

1 An individual who acoro* kM tfaio II oo Record neat wtQ be retired oa a contingency baait btítn farceecUng lo further achoduied nurtKiunahlp mining «ad qualification firing. TWa retire tear« vflt be dtoragardtd if It H not met la obtain the minimum qualification acere oí M ( ihe total mot* oí Record t, Record n, and Night Record).

1 All indvktaaJ who altaine a combined acoro ci kM tfcae «7 (crfgfeal m raílie acoro fir Record t pha the original acora for Record iii will reifr* Record i [on I c«itinfeocy beato. T^reflra »cora wiál badíaregaided if Ul»^ qualification

•core oí » < the total awe rf Record I, Record tl, and Night Record).

sAn individual who ha» not attained a can bloed minimum acore oí u (Record!—orifÍMl or retire acor*—pi oa Record 11—original or reíke acore—plua original Night rire acore) will reflre Night Heoord Wre. If after retiring alghtHaoord rire the IndlvMMl'a total «core la 1b*» than Si, 44) betow ahaQ apply.

(3 I The use of any refire «core U, II, or Night Fire I to obtain the minimum qualification score of 54 will result in the firer receiving a maximum qualification rating of MARKSMAN. Expert and sharpshooter qualification ratings are reserved for those individuals who obtained the required number of hits through the use of the original scores only.

(41 If after firing all three exercises (Including refire of exerciselsl as described above I an individual has not attained the specified minimum qualification score 1541. and thereby achieved qualification, he should be provided intensive remedial training. Subsequently, he should be refired once on one cm- more exerdses as necessary to achieve the minimum qualification score of 54.

Stctkin IV.


107. General

Connecting the M31A1 target holding mechanism to the M40 counter device enables the firer to engage a target and ascertain the results without moving down range. This ideal for night firing as it Is both expeditious and safe. Fifteen M 31 A1 target mechanisms may be connected to one M40 night firing device.

108. Procedures for Connection of System a. Punch out the upper perforated circles on the left, middle, and right1 of the terminal box.

b. Insert lug ends of the electrical special purpose cable assembly (fig 128) IFSN 6920-862. 4750» into the right and left holes (a above I. Connect the ground wire to the common section and one each lug terminal to each terminal on the terminal board (fig 1281 marked "Hit Switches." Rrprat the above procedure with the second special ptirpone cable to connect the lights.

c. Lay tw o 15-pair conducting cables from the sroring center terminal box down range to the vicinity of the berm.

d. Strip the insulation back Vi-inch at both end« on each conductor wire of the two 15-pair conductor cable*.

e. Select one »el of two conductor* from a 15* pair conductor cable. Attach one conductor under the screw numbered 1 on the "'Hit Switch "terminal board.

/. Select one set of two conductor» from the other cable. Attach one conductor under the screw numbered 1 on the "Lights" terminal board and the other conductor under the corresponding screw on the "Common" terminal board.

f. Repeat the procedure in a and / above for each M31A1 to be used (up to IS per each M40 device).

Target Holding Mechanism M31a1
OftO F244&

1-Lug terminal «940-204-7830

2-Tarminal board CM0-1 Oft-25^3 S-KUctricml conduit coupling nut 5978-821-6446 4-Sectrical spade) purpose cable assembly 6920-962-4789

8-Bsctrkal plug connector 8988-201-6688

6-Hexagon plain nut 8810-271-4644

7-Lock washer 8910-2090786

8-Maddn* screw 690^843-8768

Figure 128. Electric*! tpecisl purpose cable meembly.

h. Take an additional terminal box and set It up cables to this second terminal box in the respective behind the target line in a desirable location. positions occupied on the terminal box at the i. Connect the other ends of the two I5*pair scoring center. It is important that each wire is connected to Its ooimpo>d)i| connection to bmrt eoiwci «coring.

/. Gut two latflhi ol 2-co« due tor win ««indent to reach from the M31A1 to the terminal box behind the target Mb*.

A. Remove Vfc-foch o! the insulation from both and« of the wire*.

J. Attach on« of the conductors iron a 2-eoaductor wire to the "Hit Switch" terminal board and the other conductor to Uw com mo« terminal board inaurlng that It it connected oe tba number on the terminal board« corresponding to the number of the target or firing point. Attach one of the conductor« of the wire juat but ailed to the binding poet marked "L" on the M31A1 end the other conductor to the binding pott which wat added per modification.

a«» Attach one conductor of the reaialaing 2-eondwotcr wire« to tha "Lights" terminal board aad the other conductor to the common terminal board j again insuring, aa in t above, they art connected to the number appearing on the terminal board corresponding to the number of the target or fir lag point. These wins are than connected to the la* dka tor lights for the target <fig 129).

Iff. Alternate Method

Aa alternate method can be used utilising the utility boxes provided with the M40. Attach two wires to "Hit Switch * aad "Common" terminals, aa in /above, then two wires to "Light*" and "Common" terminals at In m above, and attach a utility box to each aat of the wires just installed at *e target location. Label one utility box "Lights" and tha other one "Hit Switch."

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