M14 Firing Positions

Figure 16—Continued.

b. Open the trigger guard and place the firing mechanism straight down into the receiver, making sure that the guide rib on the firing mechanism enters the recess in the receiver Ifig 17). Place the butt of the weapon on the left thigh, sights to the left» insuring the trigger guard has cleared the trigger. With the palm of the right hand, strike the trigger guard fully engaging it to the receiver.

12. Disassembly of the (¿an System and Handguard

Note. Under normal usage the gat* cylinder should not disassembled an long a * the gas piston slide* freely within the cylinder when the barrel is tilted end-for-end from an upright position Ibolt should be locked to the rear!. Disassembly of the gas cylinder ia sometimes necessary after the weapon has been subjected to extreme climatic conditions.

m. Ga* System. Using the wrench of the combination tool, loosen and remove the gas cylinder plug. Tilt the muzzle down and remove the gas piston from the gas cylinder. Unscrew the gas cylinder lock and slide the lock and cylinder forward so that the gas port is exposed.

h. I htntipitnnl. Slip the front bank forward toward the front sight. Push the handguard toward the front sight and lift it from the barrel. The parts of the gas system are shown in figure 1 8.

13. Assembly of the (¿as System and Handguarcl

«i. Il;tndfitiur<l. Place the rifle on a flat surface, sights up and muzzle to the right. Rngage the ends of the band on the handguard with the front (muzzleI end of the slots that are on the rear of the barrel and slide the handguard rearward. 1 Do not snap or force the handguard into its installed position. I Keplace the front band.

h. (ins System. Slide the gas cylinder rearward through the front band. Tighten the gas cylinder lock by hand to its fully assembled position, then bark it off until the loop is alined with the gas cylinder. Replace the gas piston with the flat part toward the barrel and the open end toward the muzzle. When the gas piston is properly seated, it will protrude 3.81 centimeters M.5 inches! below the gas cylinder (fig 1(M. Replace the gas cylinder plug and tighten it securely with the wrench of the combination tool.

Homemade Gun Barrel Rifling Machine
Figure I 7. Replacing (he firing mechanism.

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