Figure ¡9. Gas pinion properly seated.

14. Removing Stabilizer Assembly

To remove the stabilizer assembly, use the wrench of the combination tool to loosen the locknut. Then slide the combination too! over the screw and loosen it (fig. 201. Swing the yoke away from the bayonet lug. and slide the stabilizer assembly off the flash suppressor (fig. 21).

15. Replacing Stabilizer Assembly

To replace the stabilizer assembly, slide it over the flash suppressor, swing the yoke over the bayonet lug, and tighten the screw with the combination tool Ifig. 211. Slide the combination tool over the head oi the screw, place it over the locknut. and tighten it I fig 201.

16. Disassembly and Assembly of the Magazine

I I I Use a pointed object to raise the rear of the magazine base Ifig 221 until the indentation on the base i* clear of the magazine. Grasp the magazine with either hand, with one finger of the hand covering the base. Remove the base and guide the spring, one coil at a time, to clear the retaining lips of the magazine.

121 Remove and separate the magazine spring and follower. Figure 23 shows the parts of the magazine.

h. Assembly, Reposition the spring inside the follower with the rectangular-shaped end of the spring against the rear of the follower, and replace the follower and spring inside the magazine. Be sure to fully seat the follower. Replace the magazine base <fig 241.

Imi Marked Imi Magazine




Figure 20. Removing (he stêbilizer êssembly.

M14 Silhouettes
Figur* 21. Replacing (he itabiliier assembly.
Vintage Gun Parts Marlin Drop Block
Figuré 22 Removing the hn*r of the magazine.
Vintage Gun Parts Marlin Drop Block

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