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Figur* 82. The 2 5-meter tar ft t (FSN 6920-906-0169).

Determining the Battlesight Zero a. The 2SO*meter battlesight zero is determined by firing « series of three-round «hot groups at the 25-meter target described in paragraph 52. The firer aims at the distinctive aiming point at the bottom center of the black rectangle and adjusts his rear sight until the center of his shot group is located 4.6 centimeters directly above the point of aim. This point is designated by an *'X" printed on the target. With this sight setting, an aiming point at a range of 250 meters will coincide with the bullet's point of Impact. The average soldier will need to fire three or four shot groups in order to accurately determine the battlesight zero of his weapon.

b. Once the aero has been established, there should be no further adjustment of the rear sight. In later field firing exercises, the soldier will learn to hit targets located at ranges other than 250 meters by adjusting his point of aim.

c. Either of the two most stable firing positions, the foxhole or prone supported, may be used for obtaining the battlesight zero. However, the position selected must be located on the prescribed 25-meter firing range.

54. Calibration of the Rear Sight a. After the soldier has obtained the battlesight eero for his rifle, he must calibrate the rear sight. This procedure is necessary since, throughout the marksman «hip course, the soldier must coo* tinuously cheek the rear sight and, if necessary, re* establish the correct setting If the adjusting knob* have been moved, b. Calibration procedure is as follows:

411 Turn the elevation knob forward until the rear sight aperture is at its lowest possible setting. The firer should count the number of clicks ai he lowers the rear sight aperture and should compare the number to that which is recorded on his firing data card.

12) Loosen the screw In the center of the elevation knob until the knob can again be turned forward.

(31 Turn the elevation knob forward until tbe 250-meter index line (tbe long line between tbe numbers 2 and 4 on the elevation knob) is opposite the index line on the receiver.

(4) From this point, turn the elevation knob forward the number of clicks of the 250 meter battlesight aero setting.

(5) Hold the elevation knob in position and tighten the center screw. Next, turn the elevation knob to the rear until it is at its highest possible setting and again tighten the center screw.

<61 To check the adjustment, set the 250-meter index line on the elevation opposite the index Kne on the receiver. Then turn It forward, counting the clicks. The number of clicks will be equal to the battlesight setting if the sight has been calibrated correctly.

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