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Figure 126. Night firing target mechanism M40—components and assemblies.

Ul The cabinet assembly.

(2) The counter chasis assembly.

The flasher chasis assembly.

(4) The terminal box assembly.

(5) The target holder assembly (not used for night record fire, as it is already present on the M31A1 tsrget holding mechanism).

(6) The hit switch assembly Inot used when employed in conjunction with the M31A1 as it is already present on the M31A1 target holding mechanism!«

(71 Indicator light (see modification instruction for M31AI target holding mechanism I.

6. Scores for night record fire are recorded automatically on the M40 counter device. Each device is capable of recording scores for 15 firing points (M31A1 target holding mechanismsl. The target will fall when hit by a projectile. Each time the target falls the score is increased by one and is registered on the M40 device. After each exercise the scores are transfered by a Bcorer from the M 40 to a scoreBheet, the counters are turned back to xero, and the next exercise is conducted.

c. The scorer must turn off the counter assembly immediately after all alibis have been fired and the command CEASE FIRE has been given. The purpose of this procedure is to insure accurate scoring, as any actuation of the M31A1 target mechanism will be recorded by the M40 night firing mechanism, this includes the lowering of the targets by the tower operator. The tower operator should allow ample time between the command CEASE FIRE and the actual lowering of the targets; this provides the scorers with sufficient time to turn off his respective machine. The scorer then records all hits for each firing point on a rniKtfr RGoroihMt Ifig I27K and reset* «Il oounters to «¡ero prior to the firing of the next exercise.

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