N«4f. AjIbAvMuI tarfel trial card (flgv?) itwaM be prepared tor each tattfrtiaea. B parttelpetoa. UiekxaBm niaSaemuhari mei. end theertkn (AirM- JU*m+ niS taift raheemrt. fta tare*« trial cart» irtfl lawn net afUtikei are

<51 Atuwar sheet. See figure 160. DA Form 3009-R <Answer Sheet, Periods One, Two, and Right I will be reproduced locally on 8-by 10^-inch paper.

b. Period Two, Detection of Realistic Bet tie field Targets (2 Hr). This period it conducted in the same manner at period one, bnt on a different range if possible. Range facilities, personnel, organisation, ammunition requirements, master trial sheet, and answer sheet are the same at outlined for period one.

e. Period Throe, Detection of Single Moving Targets (2 Hr), The purpose of this period Is to give the soldier practice in detecting and simulating the engagement of «Ingle, combat-type, moving target*.

(1) Range fmdHties. One target detection range.

<21 Personnel.

(a) One principal instructor.

target detection exercise 1 answer sheet 1 f erioos 1,2. aho ft 1

For um of this forwi, torn FM 23-8 «nd FM 23-9; proponent o^my is TRADOC. I

name (last) (first) | platoon souad

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