Terminal Mx

firing line

terminal box

Figtt* 12 9. Vising dtigrtm-

u. Cut two 36-inch lengths of two-conductor wire.

b. Attsch an electrical plug to one end of each wire.

c. Attach one wire to the indicator light and plug into utility box tagged "Lights."

d. Attach one conductor of the remaining wire to the binding post labeled "L" on the M31AI and

one conductor to the binding post which was added per modification, and plug into the utility box tagged "Hit Switch/'

110. Utility Box Storage

The utility boxes may be stored in a small am-munition can by cutting a ]A -inch slot in the side of an ammunition can. Place the utility boxes in the ran. lay (lie wire* in lit«1 «lot anil nee lire th«* cover. Sealing wux may Im» iiaed In neu I (Mil moisture.

III. Modification of Indicator IJgltl (M.IIAI

McchttniKin) The indicator light i* ntificcpiiblc tiMlnmage if lined in il [Hiaition centered on the target an indicated in figure I 211. Therefore, il should be removed from the target, placed within n metal cylinder I beer nan I. and uttached to the front of the M 3 I AI target holding mechaniwn by way of a locally fabricated holder (fig 1,101. Thin facilitate« the aiming of the indicator light onto the target.

I 12. Damage Prevention

The aimed cylinder direct* flash«* of light «pon a 4-inch square of reflective material attached to the silhouette (fig 125K thun. preventing accidental dam nice cau*ed by a round striking the indicator light.

bend at this poiht forming 90 angle

Figur* i 30. indicator tight bracket (locmity fabricated i.

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