Marlin Model Schematic

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44) After determining wind direction and velocity,the windage correction to be placed on the sights will be based on the following formulas. RxV = number of clicks for 15 a full value wind on a national match (M21) rifle.

RxV— number of clicks for 25 a full value wind on a standard issue rifle with standard ammunition.

In these formulas, R = range in hundreds of meters, V = velocity of the wind in km ph. For half value winds simply divide the answer by 2. The constants 15 and 25 were arrived at mathematically considering the bullet weight, density, velocity, air resistance, distance to target, and rear sight movement.

Example: The wind is blowing from 9 o'clock at 10 kmph. The range is 300 meters; using the wind formula, R = 3 and V = 10.

M14 Silhouettes
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