The targets shown in Figure G-6 reflect possible 25-mm zero performances by standard rifle-ammunition combinations and proper soldier performance. The soldier can fire on all combat targets out to ranges beyond 300 meters. Because the variability of the standard rifle must be considered for accurate and useful shot-group analysis, the instructor/trainer must promote confidence in the soldier and his rifle.

Shot-Group Size. A key to analyzing shot groups is shot-group size. Figures G-7 and G-8 show (near) actual shot-group size. The circles on the reduced targets shown in Figures G-8 through G-ll are 4 cm in diameter, and each block on the target is .7 cm. As in Figure G-7, any shot group within 2 cm (about three squares on the target) indicates that no firer error is involved or that none can be detected. Regardless of the arrangement of the three bullets within the group, no useful information is provided to improve the soldier's firing performance.

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