CONDITIONS: Grven an M16A1/A2 rifle, scaled targets that represent various ranges, scaled signi training aid, information on wind, paper and pencil, and an explanation and practical application.

STANDARDS: Each soldier demonstrates the correct sight adjustment technique, considering the effects of wind and gravity on a bmiet at long ranges, and how to apply hold-off on a silhouette target.

TASK: Zero the M16A1/A2 rifle at ranges of 300, 400, 500, and 600 yards.

CONDITIONS: Given an E-type silhouette and 36 rounds of 5.56-mm ammunition fired in four 3-round shot groups at each range from the prone supported position.

STANDARDS: Each soldier correctly demonstrates the techniques of sight adjustment to zero the M16A1/A2 rifle for each range, and obtains a zero within 12 rounds at 300, 400, and 500 yards.

TASK: Engage targets at distances of 300,400,500, and 600 yards with the M16A1/A2 rifle.

CONDITIONS: Given an M16A1/A2 rifle and 46 rounds of 5.56-mm ammunition on a KD range from the prone supported position, fire at E-type silhouette targets with 2 sighter rounds fired at each range, 10 rounds at 300, 15 at 400, and 15 at 500 fired in succession.

STANDARDS: Within the time specified, one minute at 300, two minutes at 400 and two minutes at 500, each soldier is required to meet the minimum gate at each range and an overall score of 30 hits out of 40 rounds on an E-type silhouette. Times specified are: 300 yards: 1 minute, 10 rounds achieve 8 hits minimum; 400 yards: 2 minutes, 15 rounds achieve 12 hits minimum; and 500 yards: 2 minutes, 15 rounds achieve 10 hits minimum.

TASK: Engage scaled silhouette targets using rapid semiautomatic fire.

CONDITIONS: During daylight hours on a 25-meter range; given an M16A1 rifle, one 20-round magazine of 5.56-mm ball ammunition, and a 25-meter scaled silhouette timed-fire target; using the prone supported firing position; fire 1 round at each of the 10 silhouettes on the timed-fire target using rapid semiautomatic fire.

NOTE: This exercise is fired twice: ihe first iteration is fired in a iime limit of 40 seconds, and the sccond iteration is fired in a time limit of 30 seconds. Targets arc inspected and posted after each iteration.

STANDARDS: Each soldier must obtain 14 silhouette target hits.

TASK: Engage a scaled landscape target using suppressive fire.

CONDITIONS: During daylight hours on a 25-meter range, given an M16A1/A2 rifle, 25-meter scaled landscape suppressive fire range, one 15-round magazine, one 10-round magazine, and three 5-round magazines of 5.56-mm ball ammunition; using

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