Checklist For The Coach

The procedures to determine and eliminate rifle and firer deficiencies follows.

The coach checks to see that the —

• Rifle is cleared and defective parts have been replaced.

• Ammunition is clean, and the magazine is properly placed in the pouch.

• Sights are blackened and set correctly for long/short range.

The coach obsemes the firer to see that he —

• Uses the correct position and properly applies the steady-position elements.

• Properly loads the rifle.

• Obtains the correct sight alignment (with the aid of an M16 sighting device).

• Holds his breath correctly (by watching his back at times).

• Applies proper trigger squeeze; determines whether he flinches or jerks by watching his head, shoulders, trigger finger, and firing hand and arm.

• Is tense and nervous. If the firer is nervous, the coach has the firer breathe deeply several times to relax.

Supervisory personnel and peer coaches correct errors as they are detected. If many common errors are observed, it is appropriate to call the group together for more discussion and demonstration of proper procedures and to provide feedback.

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