Conduct Of Grouping Range

Fundamental exercises are conducted in two situations: duringIET at the Army training centers, and as part of the soldiers individual and collective sustainment training programs within his unit. The organization and conduct of a grouping range are based on the availability of ammunition and the firing ability of personnel in training.

Initial training consists of an explanation of the purpose of a grouping exercise. It highlights individual actions needed to receive maximum benefit from the expended ammunition.

Each shot is fired using exactly the same aiming point (target center of mass). The objective is to fire tight shot groups and to place those shot groups in a consistent location (the actual location of groups on the target is not important). Each three-round shot group must be connected with lines and labeled in sequence—for example, 1,2,3

and so on.

Initial firing is conducted from an individual fighting position or from a prone supported position. Once firing proficiency has been demonstrated from the supported position, grouping exercises can be conducted from the prone unsupported position. For example, if 27 rounds are available for the grouping exercise, 18 rounds can be fired from a supported position and the remaining 9 rounds from an unsupported position. If proficiency is not demonstrated for the first 18 rounds, the soldier continues in the supported position for the remaining 9 rounds.

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