Conduct Of Practice Record Fire Range

The unit receives an orientation on the conduct of practice record fire and exercise scenarios to include a review of the fundamentals, lanes and target detection, immediate-action drills, and practice record fire performance standards. After the orientation, soldiers are divided into firing orders: the first order is the firer, the second order is coaches/scorers, and the third order is in the ready area. As each order is completed, duties are rotated.

The standard practice record fire range is divided into 16 lanes (see Figure G-42). Each lane is 30 meters wide with one fighting position and seven targets in each lane. The E-type and F-type silhouette targets (attached to RETS or M31A1 target mechanisms) are used for record fire. Two targets are placed 10 meters apart at a range of 50 meters from the line of fighting positions. Subsequent targets are placed at 50-meter intervals out to 300 meters.

Figure G-42. Standard practice record fire range.

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