Conduct Of Record Fire Range

Since all soldiers must fire the record fire course at least once each year for qualification, the record fire course can provide excellent firing performance evaluations. It also provides excellent diagnostic information for instructors/trainers who are concerned with scheduling training to overcome the most serious firing weaknesses. The standard qualification course should be used for all soldiers. However, there are times when a qualification exercise must be conducted on an alternate course.

The following information concerning the development of the record fire course is provided to assist in understanding how standards were established.

The testing and development indicates that the soldier should hit at least 39 of 40 targets if he applies the marksmanship fundamentals correctly (assumes target mechanisms have been checked and are functional). This probability of hit (Ph) is provided as a guide concerning the capability of the typical rifle, ammunition, and soldier firing a standard course(Table G-l).

Table G~1

. Probability of hits.

Range (meters)


Number of Targets

0 0

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